Student Success Story - Goats for Kids

08 Dec 2021

A boy from Kersa is participating in our Education Support Center there. His family was one of the first recipients of the Goats for Kids initiative.  Their goat had twins fairly quickly after they received her.  Those twins are now old enough to sell, and they will be selling one of them very soon. They will be able to sell this goat for 3500 Birr.


From their earnings, they have set aside an amount to bring water access to their home.  This is going to make a tremendous impact on their family, in particular, the boy’s sister.  She is also in school, although not part of our after-school program. And she has been struggling to be able to attend and do her schoolwork as a large part of her day is to bring water from a water source 3 km away.  This has to be done once or twice every day and has been a great burden for her.  It also places her in a vulnerable position as she walks those roads alone and is not in the protection of home or school during that time.

Thank you to all those who have supported the Goats for Kids program, you have made a tremendous impact on the life of this family and many others!