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You can change a student’s life by sponsoring their education.

Watch them grow and progress through reports and letters as your support gives them the change to reach their true potential.

My dear sponsor, here is my huge gratitude for your kind support. What you are doing for me via the project is beyond what my words can express. I hope God will pay it back to you. Please be with me in the future because your support is paramount.


My dear sponsor, I am where I am now because of you. You have made me happy, saving me from inconvenient life. This is a good opportunity to express my deep gratitude.

- Gete

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Development Sponsorship

$35/month, $420/year

Provides the basic necessities for the child within the program including: educational fees, school uniform, tutoring, extra-curricular clubs and activities, and one hot meal per day.


Growth Sponsorship

$50/month, $600/year

Provides all of the basic necessities of Development Sponsorship, plus additional support to our programs for materials, program expansion, and training opportunities for guardians.


Strategic Sponsorship

$75/month, $900/year

Provides all of the support of Growth Sponsorship, plus contributes to long-term development by supporting the sustainable investment initiatives of Canadian Humanitarian and our partners.


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