Expedition Reunion 2021

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This Ethiopian New Years

September 12, 2021

We are holding a Reunion for All Expedition Volunteers

who have ever travelled!

What better day to gather, celebrate,

and reminisce then on the New Year!

40+ Expeditions

15+ Years

450+ Volunteers

One Night to Reconnect with them All!

Do you wonder how the CENTRES have been DEVELOPING?
Do you wonder how the PROGRAMS have been ADVANCING?
Do you wonder how the STUDENTS have been GROWING?

Let's Get Together!

Here's how you will be able to connect with us and each other

On September 12th

Registration for the Reunion is completely free!  

And once you've registered, you'll be able to connect with other alumni and choose how you'd like to celebrate on our special day.

Join our Virtual Get-together

Catch our Reunion Broadcast live from Canadian Humanitarian!  You'll get an update on the people, programs, and places that you worked with and remember.  Plus a chance to reminisce over some of the best, funniest, and most touching expedition moments!


Register for the event, or just send us an email, and you'll be invited to our *secret* expedition alumni facebook page! 

Here we will be sharing memories, photos, and posts both silly and serious as we celebrate and connect over the next few months.

You'll be able to find your team members and leaders to catch up and renew friendships.

*Don't have facebook? Let us know and we will work to loop you in!

We hope to see you there!