At Canadian Humanitarian, we love to watch our students get back on their path to school and this year is no different!

With the new school year fast approaching, getting back to school can be a nearly impossible feat for some. Which is why we want to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. With your support, students living in poverty in Ethiopia will receive the tools and support they need to advance in their education and lead empowered lives.

Education is the key to helping a child reach their full potential. Help us educate children in Ethiopia so they are able to reach their highest potential and create positive change in their families, communities and the world at-large. 

Learn more down below how you can help bring students back to school!

School Supplies

We provide students with: notebooks, paper, textbooks, pencils, and mathematical instrument sets so that they can study and do their schoolwork!

Backpacks & Uniforms

Each year we make sure our students have new, fitting uniforms, so they can enter their school campus with confidence and a backpack to travel with!

Daily Hot Meals

It's hard to think well on an empty stomach. Our nutrition program is there to make sure our students get nutritious and filling meals so they can stay healthy, and focus on their education.

Schooling and Extra Curriculars

Our program covers tuition costs for each student, and also provides after school enrichment, including tutoring, fine arts clubs, cultural activities, and youth empowerment workshops!

Supporting their Educational Journey

You can join us in supporting students throughout their educational journey -  including primary school, secondary school, as well as scholarships to attend university or trade school.

This ensures children are educated and have a valuable, sought after skillset that will help them to secure a meaningful and impactful future; for not only themselves, but for their families and local community.

Paving a Poverty Free Future

Canadian Humanitarian knows that educating and empowering children is the key to ending poverty in Ethiopia.

Education is a major step towards breaking from the cyclical nature of poverty. By providing students with the opportunity to carve out their own future and opportunities through eduaction. It ensures that they can overcome unique challenges and obstacles facing them.

And through our holistic approach, we will be present every step of the way, providing the support needed for students to thrive in reaching their fullest potential!

Etabezaw is a 12-grade student, preparing to take her G-12 National University Entrance exam.
For Etabezaw, she aims to go to university and be a part of their biology department, and become a doctor.

Hear what she has to say about wanting to go back to to school:

For Etabezaw and many young minds like her, going back to school is the way to achieve their dreams. Schooling for many students, will not only help them acheive their dreams but also educate, enrich and empower the next generation of brillant minds, and their communities!

With your support we can provide an education to students in need.

Through education, enrichment and empowerment. We can achieve our mission to help at-risk youth around the world reach their highest potential and break the cycle of poverty.  

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Provide all the essential school supplies for a student!
Provide a student with hygiene supplies, new shoes and school uniform. Along with a backpack to start the new school year!
Enroll a student in our daily nutrition program, to provide them with daily hot meals and clean water for the whole school year!
Sponsor a student, providing full tuition and after-school program support for the whole year!

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