Educating and Empowering Children is the Key to ending Poverty!

Our Holistic Model fills the most common gaps and obstacles that face a child’s path to education, this includes covering school fees, purchasing school uniforms, providing educational materials (pencils, notebooks, books, etc.), offering nutrition, tutoring, and mentorship.

Soon after entering the program students begin to feel special, cared for, and supported. They begin to believe that, if they do their part, they will have a better future. Each child visits their center daily to work on homework and receive personalized support from our educators and tutors.

As the world changes around them with political tensions, pandemics, advances in technology, inflation, and growing uncertainty of what the future can look like, our students rely on their Education Support Center to be a constant place of learning, support, and safety where they have space to grow and meet the challenges of their daily lives.

Last year, we reached our $50,000 goal for the end of the year.   Those donations alone were enough to give full program support to 50 students for one year - that's an entire Education Support Center!
This year, we are asking to keep these essential supports going, empowering 50 students to get another year closer to their best future!

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The Impact of Changing Lives

As students participate in our programs, they quickly gain a sense that they are valued and that by working hard every day, they can remove themselves from the cycle of poverty. 

They develop confidence in, and hope for, a better future! 

And in n one generation, they move from the desperation of poverty, to the hopeful future of opportunity, employment, and success!

What it means to Change Lives

Hope is a powerful motivational force which enables the students to work hard every day to achieve their goals, to succeed at school, and to remove themselves from the cycle of poverty, despite present challenges. 

And they are succeeding!

They are graduating, going to university, entering the workforce fully prepared, and now able to support themselves and their families.

Through our programs, they have transformed from the most vulnerable and impoverished members of their community, to stable, contributing adults, who are ready and eager to give back and help the next generation succeed.

Donate to Change a Life!

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Enrich students by supporting their interests and hobbies - help fund afterschool activities activities and clubs!
Empower students by supporting gender equity and empowerment workshops!
Help students receive an education by covering school related costs for a student this year!

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